Taking that first step

OK, well here it goes… My first official blog post. It really is quite scary as I’m still not sure that I really have any idea what I’m doing! I have followed all the advice whilst setting up my own blog and have been visiting other peoples blogs and leaving comments etc. The trouble is, I got so engrossed with doing that,  I forgot to come back to mine to continue setting it up. It really is amazing how much time you can loose just like that when carrying out “vital research”.

I feel rather like a baby taking its first steps in that I really want to do it but am so scared that I am just going to fall flat on my face. I wonder why it is that when you have children, you loose the ability to deal with technology. I always thought it was really funny that I had to walk my Mum step by step through sending a text and now I have become her. My 9 year old daughter had to show me how to use Instagram last week … Oh the shame!

Anyway, that’s just a little insight as to what is going on with me at the moment whilst I attempt to bring myself up to date with the rest of the world. I am now going to bite the bullet and press the Publish button (after proof-reading about a dozen times and asking all and sundry if I have “done it right”.)

So, fingers crossed and wish me luck.

Debbie xxx






5 thoughts on “Taking that first step”

  1. Hi Debbie, thank you for the ‘follow’ on my blog. Welcome to blogland. It is daunting to put yourself out there but you have done a great job and your blog looks wonderful. Makes me want to rush over and change everything on mine. But perhaps that is for another day! I look forward to seeing your projects.


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments Barbara. I really appreciate your feedback. I am hoping I will get the hang of blogging soon so that it doesnt take me 2 hours to post a link! I guess we all have to start somewhere. Personally I dont think you need to do anything to yours, it looks great.x


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